Gelatine saves brittle and broken hair

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More gloss and grip thanks to lamination with gelatin

It is not only paper that can be laminated – this can also be done with the hair! With products that everyone has at home! Gelatin has long been an insider tip for beautiful hair. The powder is suitable as a cure to get thicker and shiny hair. We give you tips on how to use it and tell you a miracle recipe for beautiful hair. You can watch the sensational before and after effect in the video!

Gelatin envelops the hair, binds moisture and prevents the hair from drying out

If you have damaged and brittle hair, you are always looking for suitable products that will finally solve the problem. Hair treatments, conditioners and the like are a great help, but are often not enough to make the hair shine in the long term. And that’s exactly where gelatin is supposed to help get this problem under control.

The gelatin envelops the hair, binds moisture and prevents the hair from drying out. “The animal proteins from the gelatin form a protective film without any chemicals, which is why it is recommended,” says dermatologist Dr. Miriam Rehbein.

This is how the gelatin cure for hair works

As a mask, gelatin gives the hair more volume, shine and smoothes the tips. All you need is a hair conditioner and gelatine. The ingredients for the miracle cure do not even cost a euro!

Instructions for the gelatin miracle cure



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