George Floyd protests: protesters burn down a police station in Minneapolis

(CNN) – Protests in the United States over the death of George Floyd show no signs of slowing down tonight; if anything, they appear to be increasing in intensity after protesters set fire to a police compound in Minneapolis.

Police had previously installed a fence around the compound, but this was overcome and thousands of protesters gathered around the compound, scaling the building and setting its exterior on fire.

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“The venue is on fire. We don’t know where the police are, ”said CNN national correspondent Sara Sidner. “The fire alarm is ringing inside … People are cheering and more fireworks are fired as the police compound is burning.”

There were no sounds of sirens or signs of firefighters arriving, a stark contrast to the protests last night when several trucks arrived to put out fires.

“The police have made a calculated decision that they are not going to control what we are seeing behind us,” said CNN correspondent Josh Campbell, who was also on the scene.

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It may be because police know that their presence could further escalate tensions and escalate the situation, Campbell added. “It is a dangerous and volatile situation here. I think the police know that. “

Evacuation of the enclosure


Minneapolis police evacuated all staff at the 3rd Precinct shortly after 10 pm local time “in the interest of the safety of our staff,” according to a statement from John Elder, director of the department’s Office of Public Information.

“Protesters forcibly entered the building and several fires have started,” Elder said.

A fire appears to have engulfed about half the building, as a crowd of protesters outside cheered and launched firecrackers and fireworks.


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