George Floyd told the police that he had difficulty breathing before being held back

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George Floyd told the police that he was claustrophobic and had trouble breathing before he landed face down on the Minneapolis sidewalk. An official’s knee was planted on his neck, the prosecutors said on Friday.

A lawsuit filed by the Hennepin District Attorney described the frightening final moments in Floyd’s life when he was arrested by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who was charged with third-degree murder on Friday.

A store clerk had called the police to report that Floyd was at Cup Foods on Chicago Ave. 3759 had allegedly exceeded $ 20 when the police officers from Minneapolis, Thomas Lane and J.A. Kueng appeared shortly after 8 p.m. on Monday according to loading documents.

The officers approached Floyd, who was sitting in the driver’s seat of a car parked around the corner, and Lane took out his gun and asked the man to show his hands, the lawsuit said.

Floyd initially cooperated, but then “actively opposed the handcuffs,” the complaint says. But once “handcuffed, Mr. Floyd became compliant,” the prosecutor said.

Floyd did not want to get into a patrol car when he “stiffened, fell to the ground, and told officials he was claustrophobic,” the complaint said when the police officers from Minneapolis, Tou Thoa, and Chauvin arrived in their car.

“While he was standing in front of the car, Mr. Floyd began to say and repeat that he could not breathe,” the document said.

A medical exam showed that Floyd had coronary artery disease and hypertensive heart disease.

Eventually, handcuffed Floyd landed face down on the sidewalk and Chauvin “put his left knee in the area of ​​Mr. Floyd’s head and neck,” the prosecutor said.

“Mr. Floyd said ‘I can’t breathe’ several times and repeatedly said ‘mom’ and ‘please’.”

Officers commented that, according to the prosecutor’s document, Floyd “spoke well”.

Lane asked “Shall we roll him over” and Chauvin reportedly replied, “That’s why we have him on our stomach.”

“I’m worried about excited delirium or whatever,” Lane said in the indictment before Chauvin reportedly replied, “That’s why we got him on our stomach.” Excited delirium refers to a condition in which a person becomes excited and aggressive and can be associated with drug use.

When Floyd stopped moving, Officer J. Alexander Kueng checked “Mr. Floyd’s right wrist for a pulse and said,” I couldn’t find one. “None of the officials left his position,” the complaint said.

Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s neck for 2 minutes and 43 seconds, even after the man passed out.

In a previous statement, the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis asked the public not to judge too quickly before all videos can be checked. It is unclear which additional video is shown.


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