George Floyd’s family asks for justice: “Has the US ever been great?”

The African American FamilyGeorge Floyd, who died two weeks ago at the hands of the Minneapolis Police,He asked for justice again this Tuesday during his funeral in the city of Houston, in the state of Texas, where Floyd grew up.

Her niece, Brooke Williams, has insisted during a short speech that“while I breathe there will be justice”and, in a clear nod to the campaign slogan of the president, Donald Trump, he has wondered if“Was the United States ever great”.

“Please, no more hate crimes,” he stressed.before regretting that none of the four officers who were at the scene when Floyd died showed any “soul or heart.”

None of the officers showed remorsesomeone watching the soul of my uncle leave his body. He begged and begged for his life many times, but you squeezed even more, “he said in relation to the agent who stepped on his knee, Derek Chauvin, now charged with second-degree murder.” Why does he have to be the system so corrupted? “, he insisted.

“Someone said: ‘Make America Great AgainO ‘, but was the United States ever great? “Williams riveted from the Church of La Fuente de la Alabanza and during a service that is being broadcast in real time, according to information from CNN television.

The mayor promises reforms

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, who has also attended the funeral, has assured that he will issue an executive order to ban the use of strangles during police arrests and has proclaimed thatJune 9 will be officially George Perry Floyd Day.

The mayor, who has promised that further reforms will be made to the police protocol, has indicated that “a de-escalation will take place in the city of Houston.” “In this city you have to warn before shooting, there is an obligation to intervene, you will have to make exhaustive reports. In this city, all possible avenues must be exhausted before opening fire, “he stressed.

In this regard, he has expressed his gratitude to the Floyd family for “seeking justice” and has called on protesters who have taken to the streets in various parts of the country to protest peacefully. “I want to thank you on behalf of this city forseek justice for George as you ask the world to do so respectfully and peacefully“He said before saying that in Houston,” Floyd will be honored not because he was perfect but because when he breathed the last time, he made us all breathe for the first time. “

Local Police Chief Art Acevedo has called for new laws and standards to be passed on the police response at the national level. For him, the current problem is based on the “human condition”. “We have 18,000 police departments with 18,000 ways of doing things and 18,000 different policies, and it is time for the country to realize this and for Congress to act,” he said. “In terms of the use of force we need standards at the national level, as well as in matters of training,” he added.

Acevedo has rated as wellFloyd’s death from a “criminal act”which is not in accordance “with what is expected of the modern security forces in the 21st century”. “There are still too many incidents where bad policies are tolerated when we should say no,” he said.

In this sense, the leader of the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, Steny Hoyer, has assured that his party is debating the possibility of putting to the vote on June 22 a reform of police protocols.

Hoyer, who has indicated that this date is one week prior to the one originally planned by the Lower House, has assured thatRepublicans will have the “absolute opportunity to commit and get involved”in the development of legislation in this regard.

After defending that the way in which the Democratic Party has presented the package of measures has not been hasty, he has suggested that it is early to rule out that it be approved jointly by both formations.

Biden cries out against racism

Vice President Joe Biden has insisted that the United States cannot currently afford to look the other way regarding racism. “In a telematic speech, the presidential candidate has clarified thatonce there is justice for Floyd, the United States will be on the path to racial justice. “We cannot ignore it. We must not ignore it. We cannot leave this moment thinking that we can look the other way in the face of systematic abuse that is still a plague in American life,” he said.

Biden has alluded to Floyd’s six-year-old daughter Gianna: “I know you have a lot of questions. No child should have to ask himself those questions that black children ask themselves so often.”

For his part, the Democratic congressmanAl Green has recalled that Floyd is not “replaceable”. “That is why we are here. His crime was being born black, his only crime was gone. George Floyd deserved dignity and respect, which all of us deserve,” he said.

“I want the United States to respect George Floyd”, He stressed before qualifying that “Floyd has changed the world”. “We are going to make the world know that it made a difference,” he said. Green has asked the government to create a reconciliation department, a “fundamental step” after “surviving segregation.”

The coffin with the body of Floyd arrived Tuesday morning at the church where the funeral is being held. After the service ends, his body will be escorted by the Houston Police Department to the Pearland Houston Cemetery.


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