Georgia’s pitbull Anthony Edwards rolls into the NBA


quipe : Georgia Bulldogs (Freshman)

age: 19

Height: 1m96

Weight: 102 kg

Wingspan: 205 cm

Poste: Arrire

Current comparison: Victor Oladipo (Indiana Pacers)

The young Atlanta guard combo made his University of Georgia debut a year ago, rewarding us with a very successful season on a personal level, but a little less in terms of results (13th in the Southeastern Conference ). the player’s load, we can remember the low level of the Bulldogs roster and the coaching of Tom Crean, who relied mainly on the offensive talent of his rear. The former student of Holy Spirit Prep School has nevertheless confirmed his status as a five star player in this tank, finishing among other things top scorer of his team but above all top scorer among the first year students at the national level, with as reward a trophy of Best Freshman Player and a place in the 2nd All-SEC Team. A 2019-2020 financial year which quite naturally opens up a place among the potential first picks this week. Anthony Edwards is a particularly exciting offensive profile for the NBA scouts who have probed him and who already predict a very promising future at the highest level.

  • QUALITIES: A physique and a technique at the service of the attack

Should we still present the offensive qualities of Anthony Edwards? For those who don’t know, the Bulldogs’ rear is a real attacking bulldozer, a real offensive triple threat that can shoot in any position from near or far, he particularly excels in the mid-distance finish. or when he is off balance to finish near the circle in a skillful manner with both hands. He also has a good handle with which he associates a very wide range of dribbling which he uses constantly and which allows him most of the time to make the difference alone by creating his own spaces to take his chance on a stepback or a sidestep. Add to that a powerful and solid template, slightly oversized for a two position, but which makes it much more difficult to defend if we take into account his other athletic qualities to go beyond the opposing lines thanks to his footwork, his vivacity in the face of the game. and its good reflexes. He also does not do too badly on the other side of the field and rarely lets himself be overwhelmed in a counter on the supporting notches or when he has to contain a player near the circle even if he sometimes tends to relax his attention. .

  • FAULTS: finding consistency and motivation in defense

Beyond the defense, it is especially his involvement in the field and during certain meetings that raises questions. Indeed his basketball IQ and his game without a ball still remains a puzzle, especially if we focus on his recurring passivity in defense and his lack of support on the ball carrier. When he gets the upper hand after having landed his first dribble, he is sometimes content with a simple jump shoot instead of continuing his action towards the basket and possibly going to find the fault, all with a rather mediocre three-point address (29.4%) if we take into account its number of attempts. His passing game, despite a good preview in high school, is less flamboyant this season (2.8 assists per game on average for 2.7 ball losses) since he has been playing full time in a register purely turned towards scoring, he has not really able to express himself as the first or second carrier of the ball due to a very strotyped game. However, he has not really shown altruism and will have to improve his overall vision of the game if he is to hope to hit enough ball in the NBA and benefit from a system in attack.

  • BEST FIT: Minnesota timberwolves (1st CHOICE)

It’s almost obvious! After separating fromAndrew Wiggins in return for a D’Angelo Russell who now takes care of the lead, then having inherited the 2020 first pick of the draft, the Timberwolves now have all the cards in hand to assemble a roster that is both promising and ambitious. And who better to replace the former Kansas player than the University of Georgia rear? His offensive range is remarkable and his athletic strengths make him one of the most NBA ready profiles in this register. We are already very excited at the idea of ​​seeing the rear evolve within a squad resolutely turned towards the attack and we especially hope for him more successful professional beginnings and a sporting trajectory different from his Canadian year.

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