Géraldine Maillet (TPMP) and Daniel Riolo (RMC): Love and Project

Retirement for Geraldine Maillet? It’s already all considered. The columnist of Touche Pas à Mon Poste, in a relationship with the sports journalist Daniel Riolo, revealed on the set of the show what their “dream” was …

Regular columnist of 6 to 7 and Do not touch My TV, Geraldine Maillet was generous in confidences on the set of the show this Wednesday, October 27. The 49-year-old novelist, who spends sweet days alongside her companion journalist Daniel Riolo, revealed what their common project was. Nothing to do with television or writing, since lovers would like to convert into restaurateurs! “I dream of opening, with my companion, a restaurant! We only live for that“Said the ex-model, her eyes shining. Full of ambitions, the pretty brunette already imagines the establishment of her dreams, mixing two tasty dishes …”It would be a Franco-Italian restaurant. He would cook Italian food, because he cooks very well and I French “, she continued on C8.

On the menu of Géraldine Maillet and Daniel Riolo’s restaurant

Visualizing herself behind the stove with the man of her life, Geraldine Maillet even has several recipes in mind to delight the taste buds of future customers:I will do the pot au feu, veal blanquette and him lasagna and alla vongoles pasta“. An enticing menu that made the mouths of her colleagues … But no question for the director to leave the merry band of Cyril Hanouna for the moment. “It’s something we want to do in 10 years, when we’re old and retired. It’s a lifelong dream., she continued.

Géraldine Maillet: her meeting with Daniel Riolo

Géraldine Maillet has been sharing her life for several years now with the sports journalist officiating at RMC. Last March, she had also told the details of their meeting, “a thunderbolt”, first for her. “I saw it and it was kind of obvious. A shock! An inner tremor … “, the supermodel remembered.

A less pronounced evidence for Daniel Riolo, according to the words of his beloved. “In fact, he hadn’t seen me. And I saw him and I thought he was handsome, funny, intelligent, witty, that he had everything going for him. I fell madly in love with him in the second, she had related in TPMP. Love quickly caught up with the Franco-Italian since today he is living a beautiful story with the writer!

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