Gerard Depardieu and Pierre Richard will act in film again after more than 30 years

After quarantine, Gerard Depardieu returned to filming in the Franco-Japanese film about the restaurant chef. The working title of the picture is “Imamu”.

Depardieu plays the main role in the film – Gabriel Carvin, the chef. His restaurant had just been awarded the third star, and almost at the same time as the event, his wife (Sandrine Bonaire) left Gabriel. Meanwhile, the cook is trying to comprehend the secret of Japanese cuisine – “Imamu”.

The role of a formidable restaurant critic in the film is played by Antoine Duellery. It is also known that Pierre Richard takes part in the filming. The last joint work of the actors was The Runaways in 1986.

Filming takes place in the royal abbey of Fontevro. The director of the picture is Elephant Sou. The tape is planned to be presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 2021, reports Le Figaro.

By the way, playing Depardieu keen chef is not the first time. In 2000, he was already playing the role of a cook – though in a completely different setting. In the historical drama “Vatel” with Uma Thurman and Tim Roth Depardieu played the title role – the famous cook of the XVII century Francois Vatel.

Earlier, the site of Radio KP wrote that Gerard Depardieu, like Stephen Seagal, refused state support in connection with the pandemic to which he is entitled under Russian law.


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