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PULL CHEST. She lived an uncomfortable moment during her son Milan’s baseball game and that is that the Colombian singer met her ex-partner and her mother-in-law, while she was with her mother Nidia del Carmen Ripoll. During the meeting the name of Clara Chia.

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According to the paparazzi Jordi Martin, the meeting would not have been very productive, since the artist would have had to put up with the Barcelona player’s mother praising his now girlfriend Clara Chía Martí.

For Piqué’s mother, Montserrat Bernabeu, the 23-year-old is “polite and affectionate”which would have completely upset Shakira, who had to stay in place for her two children.

It was known that the interpreter of “I congratulate you” he had the gesture of approaching his ex-mother-in-law to offer her a friendly hug and greeting, in order to bring the party peacefully into the event. However, the tension was felt because both would have talked about Piqué’s romance with Clara, according to reports.


the novel of continues to talk. And it is that the couple, made up of the soccer player and the young Spanish woman, have been enjoying happy moments, but they would not be alone. According to international media, both were caught playing with the athlete’s children with the singer Shakira.

Precisely, Gerard Piqué y Clara Chia Marti They began to be seen, more frequently, by the paparazzi after the soccer player definitively separated from the singer Shakira.

Likewise, . That is why speculation has arisen that the young woman would already be the stepmother of the little ones.


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