Gerard Piqué would face a million-dollar lawsuit from the International Tennis Federation

While Shakira continues to rake in millions from his latest song, in collaboration with Bizarre rap, Gerard Piqué You could be about to start a very complex episode in your business life.

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A few days ago Kosmos, the events company that he owns and in which he works with Clara Chía announced that he will no longer be in charge of the Davis Cup eventsince his agreement with the aforementioned tournament would have come to an end after Kosmos considered that he was unable to continue paying the amount he had committed to having this franchise.

Pique would defendant by the International Tennis Federation

Now some Spanish media, including the Sport portal, have revealed that the International Tennis Federation He would be preparing a million-dollar lawsuit for damages against the company of Shakira’s ex, since he considers that it has breached and that breach affects them.

The Federation would claim the arbitrary way in which Kosmos completed the alliance they agreed to in 2019 and with which the company of the former Barcelona player organizes the famous Davis cupin different cities of Europe.

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The agreement, which was signed for 25 years, and for which Kosmos paid 40 million euros annually became unpayable for said company, which preferred to terminate the contract. The Federation initially wanted the cancellation of that sum.

What transpired is that if Kosmos pays said amount it is practically illiquid. It should be mentioned that the Davis Cup was the main business of Piqué’s company and said alliance occurred, among other things, thanks to Shakira’s contacts.

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Although neither Piqué nor his representatives have ruled on the matter and they only announced the cancellation of the contract, it has emerged that this case would go to court and in addition to the aforementioned sum, Piqué would have to pay a juicy amount if the Federation demonstrated the damages and damages that have caused the termination of the contract.

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