Germany exceeds 75,000 daily infected and 100,000 deaths from covid

Image of the center of the German city of Landshut. / efe

New absolute record in incidence rate

Germany continues to exceed negative heights in the coronavirus pandemic. This Thursday it registered a new absolute record of infections with 75,962 new cases in the last 24 hours. It is the first time that 70,000 infections have been exceeded in one day. The incidence rate also reached a new mark with 419.7 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in a week compared to 404.5 on Wednesday. The number of deaths from the disease also exceeded one hundred thousand people with a total of 100,119 deaths since the beginning of the epidemic, 351 in the last day, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), responsible for coordinating the fight against covid -19. The curve in the infection graph in Germany has been pointing upwards for 18 continuous days and at the highest levels since the beginning of the pandemic almost two years ago.

The RKI stressed that, however, the worst moments were experienced last winter with lower incidence rates and a much lower number of daily infections. At that time, up to 1,000 people died a day in Germany. The vaccination campaign has reduced the serious development of infections in infected people, especially among the oldest and most vulnerable. Last Christmas 6% of those infected entered intensive care units in critical condition and now they are only 0.8%, according to the statistician Reinhard Busse of the Technical University of Berlin. Stefan Kluge, director of the department of intensive medicine at the University Clinic of Hamburg, estimates that the death rate of those admitted to intensive care units with coronavirus ranges between 30% and 50% in Germany.

To keep the death rate from the coronavirus low, it is necessary to maximize the vaccination campaign, otherwise Germany will add “another 100,000 more deaths,” warned Christian Drosten, head of the virology department at the “Charité” university hospital in Berlin, who he commented that this is a “prudent calculation”. Less than 70% of adults have completed the vaccination schedule against the coronavirus in Germany, where there is a strong movement of skeptics with the disease reluctant to be immunized. Among German political leaders, more and more people are advocating mandatory vaccination for the entire population in order to effectively stop the spread of the virus.

Meanwhile and in the face of the threat of collapse of hospitals in the regions due to the fourth wave of the coronavirus epidemic that Germany suffers this Thursday, the transfer of patients in serious condition from Thuringia to federal states in the north of the country begins. A spokeswoman for the Saxony-Anhalt Ministry of the Interior, which coordinates these operations in the east of the country, said that 10 patients admitted to intensive care units in various hospitals in Thuringia will be transferred throughout the day to hospitals in the northern state. of Lower Saxony.


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