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Germany’s next top model: The dream is over for Johanna


“As a child, I always enjoyed watching the Dallas and Denver clan. I love the drama and the intrigue – but not in real life. I never thought that things would be much worse for girls here,” said Heidi Klum (46 ) the latest episode of “Germany’s next top model”. In the fight for the title, the “girls” were really all means right. And then of course they fought with hard bandages – mostly each for themselves.

But first of all, the young models were allowed to move into their own villa in the Hollywood Hills – with a pool and all the trimmings. The bed linen with the portraits of the respective bed residents and a lot of gifts finally brought the ladies to freak out. In the fight for the best pieces Larissa (19) even injured herself, who she said was “run over by Nastya”. The result: a bleeding wound on her shin and the first argument among the models.

Heidi has had enough excuses

Then the model candidates had to work: they had to study a dance choreography in groups of three, which culminated in a single walk. Johanna (20) found it demanding, especially with high shoes. However, model mom Heidi Klum found nothing but excuses: “Instead of chatting, Johanna should rather stand in front of the mirror and work on her charisma.”

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At the first shoot in outfits with a Burning Man look, Heidi had to listen to more excuses from Johanna until her collar burst: “You shouldn’t always have any excuses […] Everyone has the same task, “said Klum, audibly annoyed. The group around Johanna was then the weakest and had to be properly washed in the conclusion.

Heidi bursts a dream

What was already visible during this shoot also became clear in the final presentation of the choreography: team work is not necessarily the strength of all young models. Some wanted to “step on the gas on their own,” as Larissa stated, for example. Almost all appearances were accordingly asynchronous and error-prone. Heidi’s tough verdict: “I just didn’t like anyone at all.”

But Klum knew how to differentiate and gave each model feedback individually. And as was to be expected, Johanna, Larissa and Maribel (18), who had more or less put both tasks in the sand, had to tremble. “You really make me sad,” Klum then said before announcing that she had “unfortunately no photo” for Johanna this week.


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