Ghaleb Bencheikh re-elected president of the Fondation de l’islam de France

Ghaleb Bencheikh, January 8, 2017 in Paris.

© Martin Colombet
Ghaleb Bencheikh, January 8, 2017 in Paris.

It’s the end of a long wait. Ghaleb Bencheikh was finally re-elected on Thursday as President of the Fondation de l’islam de France (FIF). A unanimous election, less one abstention. He preceded Sadek Beloucif, supported by the Great Mosque of Paris. The intellectual Ghaleb Bencheikh was therefore reappointed for a four-year term. Since December 2020, the institution’s board of directors has been pushed back no less than four times. Proof of the imbroglio in which this prestigious tool is found, established in 2016 but which, for lack of resources, has not yet fully taken off.

President Bencheikh, physicist, Islamologist and also producer of the program “Questions d’islam”, on France Culture, underlined the “Continuation of the Foundation’s titanic projects and the development of its projects, after having thanked the administrators for the confidence they have once again placed in it”, the Foundation said in a press release on Thursday. In December 2018, Galeb Bencheikh took the head of this foundation after two years of a term of office led by former minister Jean-Pierre Chevènement.

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On the occasion of the start of this new term of office, politician Bariza Khiari and Professor Sadek Beloucif, unsuccessful candidate for the presidency, join the Foundation’s board of directors. “For the Nation, the stakes are crucial: it is about civil peace and social cohesion; the ordering of the “house of Islam” continues ”, concludes the press release.

“The sociological approach requires taking an interest in the Islamic component of the nation, a good part of which is proletarian, underprivileged, out of school or even de-Islamized. The result is a re-Islamization of neophytes and new proselytes such as a politico-identity claim, underlined Galeb Bencheik at the beginning of June in the cross. The exhaustion of identity in an exclusively religious dimension initiates an insidious rupture which creates the bed of growing separatisms.»

The ambition of the foundation, born in the wake of the wave of terrorist attacks in 2016 and created by Bernard Cazeneuve then Minister of the Interior, is to make known the cultural contributions of Islam, to promote studies in Islamology and the cultural training of Muslim religious executives. Created thanks to initial contributions from the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, SNCF and ADP (formerly Aéroports de Paris), it has failed to expand the circle of its patrons. During his speech at Les Mureaux, October 2, 2019, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, had promised that the State would generously put its hand in its pocket, by endowing the FIF with ten million additional euros. At this time, these funds have not started to flow.

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