Ghost of Tsushima: Jin Sakai Figma figure unveiled

Last exclusive to the PlayStation 4 before the launch of its big sister the PS5 this month, Ghost of Tsushima has won over players with its gameplay, its scenario and its atmosphere of feudal Japan. The title of Sucker Punch with en scene Jin Sakai, who will be entitled to a beautiful figurine signed Good Smile Company.

Ghost of Tsushima figurine Figma Jin Sakai02

This figurine of Jin Sakai, measuring 15.5 cm will be part of the range Figma, with the possibility of making the hero of Ghost of Tsushima, which will come with a plinth and various accessories, such as three sabers, a bow and arrow, a cloth cape, five pairs of hands and two heads, one of which has the famous face mask.

The figurine Figma from Jin Sakai is already available on the site of Good Smile Company priced at ¥ 10,000 (€ 80, excluding taxes) and will arrive in August 2021. Ghost of Tsushima is sold € 44.99 on

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