Ginny Hoffman is denounced by Héctor Parra’s daughter

Legally Daniela, the eldest daughter of Hector Parra, filed a complaint against Ginette Hoffman for the crime of omission of an alleged crime. If found guilty, the actress could face up to seven years in prison.

In June of this year, the actor Héctor Parra was arrested after being pointed out by his youngest daughter, Alexa, of having sexually abused her as a child. The young woman was supported by her mother, Ginny Hoffman, who spoke to some media about the crime that his ex-partner had committed against his daughter.

“Once we were in the car and my daughter said to me: ‘Did you separate because my dad is gay?’ My hair stood up, and she said: ‘I have some conversations about my dad on my computer. He’s commanding a man, he’s gay, right? ‘ I said to him: ‘After this you don’t need an answer from me, but if your anger goes against him, that’s wrong; I’ve taught you that you have to respect, ‘and he said,’ No, mom, I don’t care if my dad is gay, but it’s not okay if he’s a pedophile, ‘”Hoffman told a well-known entertainment magazine in August 2020.

As detailed by the actress, this happened when her daughter Alexa was approximately 13 years old; in October 2020. Two months after making it public, when Alexa turned 18, she filed a complaint against her father; according to Hoffman she did not speak before out of respect for her daughter as a victim, because she was not ready.

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“She told me: ‘Mom, don’t talk about it, don’t say anything,’ I wanted to reveal what this man did, but I respected my daughter’s decision because she is the most sacred thing I have.”

Based on article 181 of the Criminal Code, today the lawyer José Luis Guerrero, legal advisor to Hector Parra and Daniela, who has been supporting their father since he was arrested in June 2021, filed the complaint with the Attorney General’s Office. , as reported, to force the authorities to investigate the actress for not having reported for several years.

“Sexual abuse has to be reported by whoever knows about it, especially in the case of a minor,” argued the lawyer.

“This person has indicated on multiple occasions to various media, even before approaching the authorities, that he knew about the crime. So this omission of not having made the complaint, which ends up being made by the victim when he is of legal age, today has to be investigated if he is talking about a full compensation for the victim, “he added.

Article 181 Quáter establishes that whoever becomes aware of a conduct of sexual abuse and does not go to the competent authority to report the fact and prevent the continuation of the conduct will be punished from two to seven years in prison.

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The lawyer wants an equal investigation to be carried out for the two parents of the young woman, then a minor, who today is considered a victim of abuse.

“The public prosecutor has already learned of this complaint and will have to review what is missing in Héctor’s folder and the matter could be prosecuted … if for them, after these almost six months of complementary investigation, Héctor is still likely responsible, then these behaviors, as they exist, of course update the criminal type of that person who has kept knowing them and not having denounced them ”.

The lawyer also pointed out that he considers the authorities’ opinion illegal to impose preventive detention on the actor, since he should have been tried depending on the date on which he is supposed to have committed the crime, when this measure was not yet implemented on those who were pointed out by sexual abuse, but should have obtained the benefit of carrying out his process in freedom.

“A reform was made that designated sexual abuse as a crime of informal preventive detention… the control judge’s ruling is so crude that despite knowing about this reform and that Héctor’s conduct was allegedly committed between 2008 and 2014, Prior to this reform that aggravated the behavior, they maintain this measure, which is completely an abuse by the judicial power of Mexico City. “

Guerrero refers to the Decree that amended Article 19 of the Constitution, published in April 2019. Regarding the protection they requested after the appeal was denied in early November, Guerrero said they will have new news this week .



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