Girona companies maintain exports despite COVID

Face and cross with Girona exports. The face, which despite the coronavirus, between January and November 2020 almost equal the records of the previous year. The cross, that during the month of November (the last with available data) the companies did not grow in sales abroad (as if it happened in Barcelona or Lleida, with increases close to 10%).

According to statistics published periodically by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Girona’s exports closed November with 542.1 million euros. It is 0.5% less than the records for the same month in 2019; that is, they have remained virtually unchanged.

Throughout 2020, as a result of the pandemic, Girona’s exports have experienced ups and downs. Dry braking from March, descents to de-escalation, growths in summer and, again, fall in autumn. In October, for example, when Catalonia was already immersed in the second wave, the decline was 6%.

November closes with records similar to those of 2019. And with unequal behavior among the main sectors. Because while Girona’s chemicals grow by 7.6% in exports (with sales of 90.9 million euros, the agri-food sector – which has the most preeminence – falls by 6.4% (standing at 258.2 million ).

And in the food industry, meat, one of the main spearheads in the Girona foreign sector, is the one that has recorded the sharpest fall. Specifically, almost 11%. In November 2020, the cluster exported meat and animal carcasses worth 179.05 million; in the same month of 2019, this figure was 200.82 million. Above all, the decline is explained by the restrictions imposed by the European Union (EU) following the second wave of covid-19, which has hit the continent.

It remains to be seen how December will end, and whether this will end up taking its toll on exports. For the time being, however, between January and November 2020, the sales of Girona’s companies abroad will almost equal those of 2019.

While in Catalonia as a whole the pandemic is already causing a drop of 11.6% over these eleven months, in the case of Girona the decline is only 0.4%. Specifically, between January and November exports were made worth 5,292.41 million (while in the same period of 2019 the figure stood at 5,322.97 million).

Here, if analyzed by sectors, meats still maintain momentum. Because in the global 2020, they have grown by almost 9%. Of the 1,573.04 million that the Girona cluster exported between January and November 2019, last year it rose to 1,714.30 million. Especially, and also, for sales in China, which remains the second largest destination for Girona products behind France.

Specifically, between January and November last year, exports to France worth 1,274.92 million were made. This destination is followed by the Asian giant with 785.26 million. And behind it are Italy (360.96 million, Germany (322.94 million, Portugal (253.41 million, the United Kingdom (230.46 million), Poland (136.23 million, Japan (125, 36 million and Belgium (123.51 million).


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