Giving women the right to buy 10 years and 5 for a man to improve the pension

Abu Dhabi: «The Gulf»

The General Pension and Social Security Authority confirmed that the Federal Pension Law is rich in many added values ​​that characterize the insurance benefits enjoyed by women in the Federal Pension Law in appreciation of their role in serving their family and society.

Hind Al-Suwaidi, Director of the Entitlements Unit, explained that a woman may buy (10) legal years to improve the pension rate upon retirement, as this period gives her an opportunity to improve her pension by (20%), while a man can buy (5) legal years in which he can improve his pension by ( 10%).

Al-Suwaidi indicated that the law approved the creation of an additional share for the daughter, sister or mother if any of them were widowed or divorced, and they did not have another salary or pension. On the date of the pensioner’s death, indicating that this share may also be created for the son or brother if either of them became unable to earn after the death of the pensioner and they did not have another salary or pension.

She pointed out that the general rule in the Federal Pensions Law is that it is not permissible to combine two pensions in the authority or between a pension and any salary received by the insured from any other party in the state if he does not meet the conditions for combining, but the law allows the widow the right to combine her pension with her share of the pension her husband, or between her salary from work and her share of his pension.

It also indicated that the Pensions Law equalizes between males and females when distributing the pension to the beneficiaries, as the pension is not considered a legitimate inheritance, so it recognized the right of the girl to obtain a share equal to the share of her brother.


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