Gladys La Bomba Tucumana got angry with a panelist and left a live mobile: “You are misinformed”

Gladys La Bomba Tucumana abandoned a mobile phone (Video: “You have to see”, El Nueve)

It was not an easy day for Gladys The bomb Tucumana. As reported in Must see, for El Nueve, the singer would have decompensated this Tuesday and would have been on the verge of fainting while she was rehearsing for the Singing 2020. “My pressure dropped because I didn’t have a good breakfast and I left my house quickly. Being alone, I manage just like that and, although breakfast is the most important meal of the day, this time I went out without eating, “explained the singer when approached by the cameras of the program that lead Jose Maria Listorti Y Denise Dumas.

The artist is not having her best moment. To discrimination lawsuit what started him Morena Rial, Another was added for slander and insults that, according to what transpired, his ex-partner wanted to initiate him Sebastián Escacena. “I have a lot of anguish and it can also be that. I’m not calm working here, I’m restless. I have my sick mother in Tucumán and I think of her even though she is well cared for. I have a sister who is at risk with COVID. So I have many situations that make me feel bad, I am a human being that things happen to. And that makes me susceptible, “said Gladys trying to explain the reason for your discomfort.

At that time, one of the panelists of the program, Carolina Molinari, He attacked the singer asking why he had decided to go out and talk about his ex. And this enraged The bomb. “I decided to talk about my ex? You are misinformed”, He said after ignoring the model. And then, as he took out the microphone to leave his cell phone, he added: “That girl I don’t know and I don’t know who she is, get advice before asking such stupid questions. When did I talk about him? All I said was that I just wanted my car. And I already have it. Talk to my lawyers whatever, César Carozza in Buenos Aires and Ariel Lescano in Tucumán. I don’t even remember my ex to go to the bathroom”.

Gladys abandoning the mobile

The truth is that the cameras followed Gladys through the corridors of LaFlia and, trying to regain calm, the singer explained that she had already reached an agreement with her ex: “All I wanted was my car, it’s already been returned. We made a verbal pact through a dear friend, mine more than his, who interceded so that I would not do anything legal against him. Not him against me “He said when he heard the versions that his ex had started a lawsuit.

Finally, after much insistence on the part of the journalist and announcer Martin Salwe, the Bomba returned to put the return to dialogue with those who were on the floor of the program. But, to prevent the singer from getting angry again, Listorti decided to ask Molinari to leave the studio. “I never wanted to attack her,” stressed the model as she left. “We made a pact as two adults so that neither he names me nor I him. Total, I already have my car which is the only thing I wanted“, Concluded the singer. And, without hearing that the panelist was no longer at her job, she insisted that she had to inquire before asking her a question.


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