Glovo sold its operations to the owner of OrdersY …

The Glovo company reported that it made the decision to transfer its operations in Argentina to OrdersYa in the coming weeks. Although many media outlets raised it as the case of a new company leaving the country, in reality Glovo sold the Latin American operations to the German group Delivery Hero, which owns OrdersYa. The great concern of its workers is whether the jobs will be maintained.

Glovo, born in Barcelona where it has its base of operations, sold its remaining businesses in the region for 230 million euros, about 272 million dollars. Despite how the vast majority of national media headlined the news, the agreement includes seven other countries in addition to Argentina: Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic. In Argentina, Panama and the Dominican Republic, where OrdersYa has a dominant presence, the activity will be transferred immediately. In the rest of the countries a transition period is established.

In the last two years, Glovo had also sold its businesses in Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Puerto Rico.

“There is a European merger between Delivery Hero and Glovo to concentrate their interests in Europe and with this acquisition Delivery Hero is going to expand in the Latin American market. It’s not that Glovo is leaving Argentina, Glovo Latinoamericana was acquired by the world’s largest delivery platform company “, manifested to Page | 12 Juan Manuel Ottaviano, labor lawyer, specialist in labor and technology, and legal advisor to the Platform Personnel Association.

The message sent by the delivery company to its workers informs that “Glovo has made the decision to close its Argentine operations in the coming weeks” and explains that “it has been a decision of the company to focus resources on other markets where Glovo has a leading position in the market. “

In relation to the situation of the workers, the text only clarified that “all distributors will receive all pending payments following the terms and conditions”, but it did not ensure that the employees will keep their source of work, as well as He spoke of compensation or redress.

On this point, Ottaviano pointed out that “in the event that there is a transfer of customers, data, an alliance with Glovo merchants to OrdersYa, there should also be a transfer of jobs, as in any transfer of establishment or company purchase. “.

In addition, the lawyer highlighted the obstacles that are presented to workers of this type of platforms: “The underlying problem continues to be that these companies do not recognize their workersThey also do not recognize collective bargaining, union organization, and least of all the law that indicates that jobs have to be respected when there is a purchase between companies. “

Glovo’s message to its employees

“Very soon we will send a detailed email with all the information regarding invoices and payments, cash balance, return of material and recommendations, so that you can make the proper closing,” concluded the first message from the company. An official statement is still awaited.

“The concern is what attitude the Labor ministries are going to take, not only in Argentina, but in all the countries from where the Glovo brand would be withdrawing, that is, if they are going to summon workers and companies to guarantee the continuity of jobs or not, “said Ottaviano.

“We are talking about thousands of Glovo delivery men and women who go to sleep today without knowing if they will have a job tomorrow. The national labor authority should act quickly, calling for Glovo and OrdersYa. “

The workers, meanwhile, will ask the authorities of the Ministry of Labor to order a mandatory conciliation so that no action is taken until there is an agreement on the continuity of jobs.


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