Go ahead unless otherwise agreed, here’s what’s in the August decree. Conte: “We arrive at total interventions for 100 billion euros”

Check fund for the training of housewives

Among the measures envisaged by the most updated text, examined by the executive, a Fund for the training of housewives of 3 million a year has emerged starting from 2020. The criteria and methods for allocating the fund, the text specifies, will be defined with a decree of the minister for equal opportunities and the family to be issued by 31 December 2020.

A cig return relief and 1.7 billion hires in 2020-21

Labor chapter According to the provision, the exemption from the payment of social security contributions to those who recall workers from the cig, for four months by 31 December, is valid “within the limits of double the hours of wage supplement already used in the months of May and June”. It can also be recognized to employers who have requested periods of salary integration, even partial, in periods after 12 July. Beneficiaries are prohibited from dismissal, as envisaged by the provision, under penalty of “retroactive” loss of the contribution. The measure is worth 363 million for the year 2020 and 121.1 million for the year 2021. The relief for permanent hires, for 6 months, has also been confirmed, up to the limit of 8060 euros per year: this measure costs 337.6 million in the 2020, 931.9 million in 2021 and 150 million in 2023.

Extension of second Isa deposit with loss of turnover of 33%

In terms of taxation, another latest news concerns the subjects who carry out economic activities for which the synthetic indices of fiscal reliability have been approved and who declare revenues or fees of an amount not exceeding the limit established, for each index. the extension to 30 April 2021 of the deadline for the payment of the second or single installment of the advance on income taxes and Irap, due for the tax period following the one in progress at 31 December 2019, is expected.

Double tax-free corporate welfare share

The share of tax-free corporate welfare also doubles: for the 2020 tax year “the share of goods and services sold by the company” to employees who do not contribute to the formation of income goes to € 516.46.

Negotiation in the majority

In the last few hours, the measure has recorded filings and additions, in a whirlwind of late-night meetings and drafts that have followed one another. There are no funds to satisfy all requests from parties and ministries. Among the latest news, accrued over the course of the hours, is that which provides that the payment of taxes suspended in the months of the lockdown in 24 installments (no longer within the year), a new quota of 400 euros of emergency income for the most difficulties (requests can be made by 15 October), another 200 million to the municipalities, regulations on Air Italy and the refinancing of safe roads until the end of the emergency. One of the new elements is the taxation advantage in the South: a 30% subsidy of the total social security contributions for all companies operating in the South, from 1 October to 31 December 2020.

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