Gold price today (June 30, 64) fell 50 baht, the figure sold out at 27,300 baht.

Today’s domestic gold price dropped 50 baht, pushing gold jewelry to sell out 27,300 baht after foreign gold dropped to its lowest point in two months on the pressure of the dollar, strong US economic data.

gold trade association Announcing the price of gold on the morning of June 30, 64, down 50 baht, resulting in 96.5% gold bars sold at 26,800.00 baht / gold baht and bought at 26,700.00 baht / gold baht, 96.5% gold jewelry sold out at 27,300.00 baht / gold baht and buy at 26,226.80 baht / gold baht

While the foreign gold price (Gold Spot) 24 hours ago Moved at $1,764.36/ounce, down $13.92 or 0.78%.

Hua Seng Heng Gold Futures Co., Ltd. said that yesterday’s gold price Spot fell sharply in night trading. Hit the lowest point in two months due to the strength of the dollar. Based on strong US economic data by the US announced the Consumer Confidence Index last month. June rose to Level 3, the highest level since the outbreak of COVID-19. Nationwide house price index month April rose 14.6%, its biggest gain in more than 30 years and its 11th straight month of gain. The SPDR Gold Trust held gold the same as yesterday.

U.S. private sector ADP payrolls in June are expected to increase by 555,000, after a 978,000 increase in May, according to the Chicago-area PMI for June. Expected to drop to 2 from 75.2 in May, sales of pending home sales in May are expected to drop 1.1% after a 4.4% drop in April.

The outlook for gold prices is expected to fluctuate following the US ADP private sector employment in case of better or worse than market expectations. Gold has key support at $1,750 while resistance at $1,770 and $1,790.

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