Golfer Bryson DeChambeau hits balls as far as no one else

Bryson DeChambeau is living up to his nickname “mad scientist” these days. With the restart of the PGA Tour after the Corona compulsory break with golf tournaments without spectators, sports fans all over the world can watch on the TV screen whether the latest experiment by the 26-year-old American brings the desired success: Can strength muscles be strengthened and grown with strength training that you hit the ball further than all your competitors?

If he succeeds, he could revolutionize professional golf like Tiger Woods did with his first Masters victory in 1997. Woods dominated the tournament in Augusta when he often hit the ball more than 300 meters and about 30 to 50 meters further than all his competitors. He inspired a new generation of power players.

Meanwhile, many top players effortlessly reach these lengths from the tee. But DeChambeau hits the ball with such force that it often rolls beyond the 350-meter mark. For him it is all about hitting the ball almost as close as possible to the hole with wedges and then sinking it.

110 kilos, 1.85 meters

In the first three tournaments, DeChambeau lost the win either in the approaching shots on the green or in putting. He finished third, eight and sixth. With a total of 46 strokes under par for the twelve rounds, he was better in the overall ranking than the fully assembled world rankings. That is why the world ranked tenth is considered the top favorite at the tournament in Detroit (Michigan) starting on Thursday, especially since most world-class players take a break.


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