González García participated in the launch of the new UNRN career in medicine

“The great challenge for Argentina is the need to plan human resources,” said González García during the meeting in which his provincial counterpart, Fabián Zgaib, and UNRN authorities also participated. The minister referred to the need to modify the educational model in medicine based “on the needs of the country.”

In this sense, he declared: “I was programmed to heal and now it is essential that it is to take care of, since 80 percent of pathologies are chronic, which generates a long and different bond with patients, which is rather spontaneous but must be included in the study program ”.
The minister congratulated the initiative as a result of “the synergy between the health system, the government and the university. From now on we are ready to collaborate ”.

Then the governor of Río Negro stated that they are “happy to embark on a new path with the university. There is a lot of expectation in the training of doctors and debates around rethinking hospitals ”.

For his part, the rector of the UNRN, Juan Carlos Del Bello, provided details about the new career based on “community-based knowledge for the development of professionals who can respond to local needs.”

The curriculum of the National University of Río Negro dedicated to medicine incorporates as a premise learning based on territorial problems and needs and a comprehensive approach to health, prevention and primary care. In addition, it includes the progressive presence of students in front of patients and in hospitals from the beginning of the course.


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