Good deal iPhone XR: Big drop of 38% for the high-end of Apple

This is a new big drop that takes place for a high-end Apple, marketed in 2019. The iPhone XR, the best-selling model of that year, is now down 38% in reconditioned version, that is, ie refurbished in perfect condition. No opportunity here.

Despite stiff competition from Samsung and other new Chinese firms, Apple remains one of the leaders in telephony. Its iPhones have been very successful over the generations in a market that is increasingly difficult to conquer with a multitude of smartphones. It’s no coincidence that his iPhone 12 is so expected, but could be marketed in two stages in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Today, it is another model that interests us since it is the iPhone XR, offered in 38% reduction. A reconditioned model, the smartphone was no longer produced: that is to say, refurbished in perfect condition. No occasion here.


iPhone XR

439 €

At the time of writing, on August 8 at 2 p.m., the iPhone XR is priced at 439 euros. Usually, the phone costs 709 euros, so that’s a 38% drop! Not to mention that payment in installments is available, in addition to promotional codes at this address. The iPhone XR is one of the best models from Apple in terms of value for money. A high-end featuring Face ID, the best 3D facial recognition in the sector, but also the powerful iOS operating system. If you are looking for newer, iPhone 11 is also on sale right now.

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