good news for the jackpot of unclaimed billions of euros

The Parliament adopted definitively on Wednesday, via a unanimous vote of the Assembly, a draft law LREM intended to fight against the desherence of the supplementary retirement contracts by a better information of the beneficiaries.

The proposed LREM law intended to fight against the withdrawal of supplementary retirement contracts through better information for beneficiaries was definitively adopted by the General Meeting. Today, no less than 13 million French people hold a supplementary retirement insurance contract which allows them to supplement basic and supplementary pensions, which are compulsory. But according to two reports from the Pension Provident Fund and the Court of Auditors, the amount of unclaimed contracts by the insured reached 13 billion euros in 2018. These are in particular collective contracts, taken out by companies.

Transmission of information to the GIE Union pension

What does the adopted text provide? The contract managers will have to transmit information about their clients to the public interest group (GIP) Union Retraite, which administers the “Info.retraite” platform. This will then disseminate information to all policyholders summarizing the rights established under supplementary retirement contracts.

In addition, companies will be required to inform employees who are leaving them about all the savings contracts taken in their name, by entering them in their employee savings account.

« Insurers will be more vigilant »

« The question of stocks “Of forgotten contracts” will be partly settled “, And for future contracts” insurers will be more vigilant “, Welcomed the author of the bill, Daniel Labaronne.

The deputies voted exactly the same text approved by the senators last October at first reading, which is worth final adoption.

Secretary of State Cédric O welcomed this vote. Which will allow ” start work tomorrow ” on a ” very concrete subject of the daily life of the French ».

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