Good plan Samsung Galaxy Note 10: 33% reduction for French Days!

Screens are a bit of a specialty of Samsung. The Korean manufacturer will have succeeded, thanks to its expertise, the design of one of the first foldable smartphones on the market, the Galaxy Fold – whose successor already has a potential release date after a production start. But Samsung does not shine only with this format and shines thanks to its Galaxy Note range. A range offering beautiful and efficient OLED panels. Fans of the Korean firm have been jumping on the latest model for several years. In 2019, it was the Galaxy Note 10. A Galaxy Note 10 now on promotion for the French Days.

For the French Days, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is offered at a price of 634.90 euros against 959 euros in normal times. That is to say a reduction of 33% noted at the time of writing, May 28 at 9 p.m. You can also pay the smartphone in several monthly payments, four or ten times. Being a promotion, you should not hesitate too much, otherwise you will miss this Galaxy Note 10 offering, as best argument, its sublime AMOLED panel, ideal for multimedia! Photography level, there is a triple photo sensor. If your budget is more reduced, we can only recommend the Galaxy S9, whose price is now lower!


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