Google to make vaccination compulsory… U.S. conglomerates tightening quarantine

Ahead of the resumption of face-to-face work, as the number of people infected with COVID-19 surged again due to the spread of the delta mutation, large American companies such as Google started making it mandatory for their employees to vaccinate against COVID-19. According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced on the 28th (local time) an in-house quarantine guideline stating that employees should be vaccinated and postponed to October 18th. . The original return to the office was September 1st. According to quarantine guidelines, all workers in the United States must be vaccinated until offices are fully reopened.

Google plans to apply these quarantine guidelines to its US business sites first, and to apply it to overseas offices in more than 50 countries in consideration of local laws and conditions. Google employs over 135,000 people worldwide.

In a statement on the same day, Facebook said it would “require all employees who go to work in the United States to be vaccinated.” “For those who cannot get the vaccine for medical reasons, we will have other procedures in place,” said Laurie Goller, Facebook’s vice president of human resources.

Initially, companies were reluctant to make vaccines mandatory due to employee backlash and concerns about lawsuits. However, as the return to the office was repeatedly delayed due to the recent spread of the delta mutation and the stagnant inoculation rate, special measures were taken.

Legal experts have advised employers have the power to make vaccination mandatory for their employees, but alternatives, such as those who refuse to be vaccinated for religious reasons, should be created. Apple has re-mandatory masks in stores in the U.S. and advised store employees to get vaccinated. Earlier this month, Apple delayed the reopening of its offices from September to October.

State governments are also pressured to vaccinate civil servants. New York State has announced to its officials that starting September 6, if you don’t bring your vaccination certificate, you’ll have to be tested for COVID-19 every week. U.S. President Joe Biden is also expected to announce on the 29th that all federal government employees will be vaccinated.

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