Government files complaint against subject who shot rubber pellets at protesters in Paseo Ahumada


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The Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Delgado, announced today that the government will sue the subject who was arrested yesterday in the Paseo Ahumada for firing shots with rubber pellets to people who were demonstrating in that place.

The incident occurred yesterday afternoon at the intersection of Alameda with Paseo Ahumada, in a protest in favor of the detainees within the framework of the social outbreak.

There, a fight of about 20 people would have been provoked, where a subject fired these rubber pellets and another would have pepper sprayed some protesters. These two people were apprehended along with a third, who also carried a BB gun. One of the detainees is a member of a far-right group identified as Roberto Belmar Vergara (37).

Asked about this today, Minister Delgado said: “We as a government today will file a complaint for the Arms Control Law, as appropriate, and this person will have to answer why he was carrying that weapon, why he fired those pellets at other people and he will have to answer to justice, as appropriate, like anyone else ”.

“We have said it in all tones, we reject violence in all its forms and wherever it comes from”, said.

As reported from the portfolio, the complaint has already been filed.

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