Governor will convene municipalities with the highest rate of positivity in COVID-19 cases

The governor Wanda Vazquez Garced announced today, Monday, that it will be convening a meeting of mayors whose municipalities have the highest rate of positivity in cases of COVID-19.

According to the president, the meeting would be held to seek alternatives to implement the Executive Order that will remain in force until December 11.

Vázquez Garced made the announcement with the Secretary of Health, Lorenzo González Feliciano, the Police Commissioner, Henry Escalera, the secretary of the Department of Economic Development, Manuel Laboy, and the adjutant general of the National Guard, Jose Reyes.

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This morning, the Health digital dashboard reported that all municipalities remain 5 percent or more positive in coronavirus cases.

Of these, Ceiba, Camuy and Maunabo are the municipalities with the highest positivity in cases, with more than 25 percent each.

Regarding the possible announcement of additional more restrictive measures, González Feliciano anticipated that they will wait for the data to be recorded this week and for what is discussed in the meeting with the mayors.

For his part, given the possibility of a possible closure, Laboy expressed his gratitude to the private sector for their collaboration and handling of the protocol, but warned that establishments that do not comply with the Order “are going to have to face the consequences, because they are irresponsible.” .

Minutes before starting the press conference, Health reported the intervention of several establishments in Old San Juan for violations of the Executive Order, such as the crowding of people in closed spaces, not complying with physical distancing and not having a protocol for prevent COVID-19 infections.

Could amend Order before it expires

To questions from Puerto Rico Metro, the governor announced that although the implementation of additional restrictive measures is still not entirely certain, the Executive Order could be amended before it expires on December 11.

However, although she was questioned about the reasons for waiting first to discuss the matter with the mayors, the governor said that she prefers to incorporate them first “because this is a joint decision.”

“The Order is in force and there are guidelines in that Executive Order that everyone has the obligation to comply with and that we all have the obligation to respect,” he said.

“I can put all the restrictions in the world. Where are the biggest infections right now? In family gatherings. If people are in ‘lockdown’, where are the meetings? Inside the properties,” he said.

This morning, the Department of Health reported 12 deaths from COVID-19 and 732 confirmed infections. The figures continue the trend of a rebound in positive cases, which have been increasing since the end of October.

Similarly, Salud also reported another 622 hospitalizations.

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