Green light news to reduce curfew – reduce the maximum control area, starting on August 16

7 cool points – starting on October 16, reduce curfew and reduce the maximum control area. Accepting the policy of opening the country during the high season while the Prime Minister confirms the full readiness to accept tourists

By the meeting of Prof. A large set of resolutions to reduce the time for banning people to leave their homes during the night. or curfew from 22.00-04.00 to 23.00-03.00 starting on October 16, 2021

It is also downgraded to the maximum and strict control area. or the dark red area from 29 provinces to 23 provinces, the highest control area or the red area to 30 provinces and increase the control area to 24 provinces

Ready to relax activities in the dark red area. including organizing meetings, parties, traditional events under conditions Adjust the number of bundles as appropriate for each region. Open a day care facility for the elderly Increase the number of seats in all public transport. Let restaurants – flea markets, stadiums, shopping centers, department stores, movie theaters open until 22.00

Prof. Still agrees the plan to open the country to receive foreign tourists safely, without detention, not limited to areas Initially, low-risk countries were identified, namely the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Singapore, and China, ready to open the area to receive tourists from the original 4 pilot provinces. or blue provinces, open 17 provinces during November 1-30 and another 16 provinces during December

The Prime Minister confirmed the readiness of opening the country. to receive foreign tourists from November 1, which will gradually relax more measures to facilitate and ensuring tourists enter the country under public health measures leading to the revival of tourism

for the COVID-19 situation Today, the total number of infections has returned to 11,276 and must be monitored in the southern border provinces. And provinces that have important clusters, therefore, set up the front end of the CSO to look into the area. while the death toll jumped to 112.

According to the forecast in October The new infections were seen in a controlled manner, not reaching the 30,000 daily as concerns were concerned, and the mortality rate was lower than estimated.

It also accelerates the distribution of vaccines more effectively. The goal is to inject all groups and cover 50% of all areas in October. to receive the opening of the country and approved the purchase of 50,000 crosses of molnupiravir for the treatment of patients as well

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