Green Montana, future Belgian star of French-speaking rap

Green Montana is not a very talkative man. In his Moncler down jacket, hood on the head that lets out some blond locks, the rapper is rather reserved. Shifty eyes and fairly short first answers, talking about him does not seem obvious in interviews as well as in his music.
“I try to keep a distance between music and my personal life and not reveal myself too much, he explains.
I transmit a certain emotion with my melodies which speak to people without me needing to confide. I’m not someone who trusts me a lot in life. ” After a few questions, the climate warms up and his tongue loosens.

At 27, the rapper from Verviers is certainly the future star of the French-speaking rap scene from Belgium. Little known in the flat country, it is especially in France that he found his audience. In 2019, Booba spotted him and signed him on his 92i label with a tip for getting started: “make hits”. Green tries to follow him but with his own rules. Because what he builds on his first album Alaska is far from the current standards of the biggest sales of French rap. The universe is “nocturnal, cold and dark”. He talks about what he likes, “weed, girls” and what he knew: his daily life – romanticized – when his activity was rather illicit.

Video meeting where we evoke his beginnings, his meeting with Isha, Booba and his relationship to money.

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