GreyPride – Calmos, watch how you talk to me!

Are ideas nothing more than dogmas, beliefs, truths which lock us up and isolate us little by little?

Whatever the time, advancing ideas and changing mentalities takes time and it is not by yelling at each other that we will go faster …

Throughout my life, I have seen the emergence of demands that have gradually made it possible to build a more respectful society, whatever our gender, our culture, our religion, our sexual orientation … This slow progression of ideas has allowed to minorities despised for their color, their sexual orientation, their sex, their culture to gradually make their way to live more serenely.

If everything is far from perfect, and if even new types of inequalities and exclusion have appeared, it seems more and more difficult to discuss and exchange on our ideas our opinions without using violence and invective.

The radicalization of discourse and behavior to advance causes no longer leaves room for respect and empathy for the one to whom we are speaking.

This health crisis has further accentuated this trend by encouraging the cleavage between new categories of the population: young against old, city dwellers against rural, pro and anti-mask, pro and anti-vaccine, pro and anti Raoult …

Our society is facing terrible challenges: a major economic crisis, an imbalance of planetary powers, the rise of religious fundamentalism and environmental issues that will undermine our societies and more particularly the most vulnerable among us. Responding to these challenges will require mobilizing all our strength and finding cohesion in order to be capable of solidarity. Alas, we do not take the path …

For the first time in my life, I have the feeling that anyone can become a target for the injustice experienced by some. Not because of wrongdoing, but only because of his belonging to a category of individuals: white, black, male, straight, gay, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, young, old …

Rereading the past in the light of our current ideas generates autodafés, acts of faith, around which the crowds are unleashed.

This radical discourse gradually raises a feeling of hatred within the population and undermines the social bond in order to be able to live together.

In the United States, the divide is such, between pro and anti-Trump, that we question the democratic foundations of the next elections to choose the next president.

The denunciation of certain behaviors should be able to be done in a more peaceful way and in the idea that nobody is perfect, but must be able to evolve, to improve or to be condemned by justice. Our concern to live in a more respectful, more united society cannot be done in a society in which invective, denunciation and verbal violence are the privileged means of communication.

Too much stigmatization, everyone wallows in their certainties and violence rises …


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