News Grey's Anatomy season 16: episode 15, DeLuca in danger...

Grey’s Anatomy season 16: episode 15, DeLuca in danger of death in the promo video


Season 14 episode 16 of Grey’s Anatomy aired on ABC recently and as always, it’s already time to learn a little more about the next episode. In “Snowblind”, the doctors in Seattle are going to have to face a gigantic snowstorm that will complicate a lot of things. The promo video also shows that DeLuca will be ready to risk his life to get an organ that a young patient needs. A behavior that will continue to worry Carina and Meredith, who wonder if young Andrew is not suffering from the same illness as his father and who makes him act in an irrational way.

Andrew in danger?

Episode 15 of season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy will also bring its dose of new patients, some of whom will arrive in serious condition after being confronted with the wind and the snow of the storm. The fact that the promo video specifies that some people died in the middle of a blizzard is all the more worrying since we know that the doctors will remain without news of Andrew for a while. What clearly worries us about the doctor’s future, and not only about his mental health. Will DeLuca die before the end of the season? It will take a few more days to find out …



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