Griveaux scandal – Paris City Council candidate stumbles over sex video – News

  • Benjamin Griveaux withdraws from the election campaign for the post of mayor of Paris.
  • Vicious videos and chat messages allegedly written by Griveaux had previously been released.
  • Grivaux is a confidante of President Emmanuel Macron and was government spokesman. Macron’s La République en Marche (LREM) party is now without official candidates.

On a website, screenshots of suggestive chat messages were published on Wednesday evening, allegedly from 42-year-old Griveaux. In addition, she shows short videos showing how a man masturbates – but it is not clear who it is. Griveaux is accused of hypocrisy on the website; his staging as a conscientious family man is a lie.

A Russian action artist now claims to have distributed the videos.

Backing the other parties

Benjamin Griveaux’s statement has neither confirmed nor denied that the videos and chat messages are from him. “For more than a year, my family and I have been exposed to defamatory statements, lies, rumors, anonymous attacks (…) and death threats,” Griveaux told BFMTV. “A website and social networks have spread hideous attacks on my privacy,” said Griveaux. He no longer wanted his family to do this.

The retreat from Griveaux triggered a quake in Paris. He received support from parties across the political spectrum. A government spokeswoman spoke of a “campaign of wickedness”. The Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo – his competitor – said: “This is not worthy of a democratic debate”.

Not the best cards before

In surveys, the 42-year-old Grivaux had recently performed rather poorly. The President’s République en Marche party now has no official candidates.

France’s capital Paris has a symbolic character that can hardly be overestimated because of its political and economic importance. This also applies to the post of mayor. The election will start on March 15th.

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