GTA Trilogy San Andreas finds an unfinished VR mode!?

Wednesday, November 24, B.E. 2021 0:06 minutes 21 seconds, Indochina time

Since the release of GTA Trilogy that makes the game fans feel beautiful Because of the quality of graphics and the game itself, I almost want to put a hundred sniffs on my nose. It can be said that news about this game comes more often than when the game came out. Of course this news too… but it is related to GTA San Andreas VR That used to be in the news recently.

If you still remember each other in the last month at the event Facebook ConnectMark Zuckerberg has announced that there will be GTA San Andreas issue VR for machine Oculus Quest 2 But still no one has seen the picture. Gameplay of this version of the game once but after GTA Trilogy It has launched a release with beauty filling. Data miners have found the option of San Andreas VR on the way Rockstar should have been removed still appearing in the game

and shocking is This option can also be used by Ben Turpin writer of RockstarIntel opened the menu Debug of Unreal Engine Give players access to the mode VR Yes, even if the game runs on non-system devices. VR However, that made fans of the game begin to speculate that This is something the developer forgot to remove before it was released. Or is it a play mode that is waiting for an update later?

GTA but not that VR

but until now There is still no news about the game. GTA San Andreas Version VR When will it be released? But there is an opinion that this project may take many years to develop and the way Grove Street Games developer team GTA Trilogy may have to take care of this, although the way Rockstar There will not be any modifications to the game in the section. VR But there is a possibility that someone will do it. Mods come out in the future like someone made Red Dead Redemption 2 to play VR got it at the beginning of last year


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