“Guimaraes ends contract on June 14, we are in the process of dissociation”: Mauricio Romero

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June 01, 2020 – 11:58 a.m. m.
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Brazilian coach Alexandre Guimaraes will not continue to lead the América de Cali, as it was known this Monday during a virtual press conference.

The news was released by the scarlet executive president, Mauricio Romero, ratifying the words of the institution’s maximum shareholder, Tulio Gómez, who had given as a fact in previous days, that the current coaching staff would not continue due to the economic crisis that the scarlet picture is experiencing due to the stoppage due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are grateful to Professor Guimaraes for all his work at the institution, but since we could not reach an agreement for its renewal due to the figures that have been handled, what we hope is that the completion process concludes in the best way. He ends the contract on June 14 and it is very difficult to renew because we are very far in the economic part, this is soccer and anything can happen, we will see, “said Mauricio Romero.

Alexandre Guimaraes arrived last June and after sitting 12 months on the Reds’ bench, he leaves leaving a Colombian League title, after eleven dry seasons.

“Professor Guimaraes’ words hurt me because I was the interlocutor between the technical staff and the managers. He made the decision that I should understand him with his representative, with whom I have a good relationship. The professor was asked to reduce his salary He did not accept and, in accordance with the law, we had to suspend the contract. Two days before suspending that contract, I spoke to him by telephone and told him that it was necessary to proceed in this way, “said Romero.

Guimaraes traveled last March to Costa Rica, his country of residence, where he spends the time of quarantine decreed in all the countries of the region to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and from there he was coordinating the work at home of the members of the campus American.

“For us, making a decision is very complicated because we do not have a certainty of when to return to competition. The government has given us the guarantee to return to individual training, but Dimayor and the clubs must adapt other elements to implement the protocol. “Romero added,

Despite the fact that Guimaraes and his collaborators terminate their contract in mid-June, America made the unilateral decision to suspend their contracts on March 14. This decision caused discomfort for the coach and his agent, since according to what they said in the media, the talks for a possible renewal of his contract were being worked on by both parties.

“Today we do not have a technical body because we do not know the date of return to work. We are still in negotiations to end the association of Professor Guimaraes,” said the executive president.

According to the National Government, it is expected that America and the other professional teams in the country will resume individual training starting June 8, if Dimayor gives the go-ahead.

Regarding the current situation of the workforce, Romero added that “we had to suspend the contracts of Matías Pisano and Juan Pablo Segovia for not reaching an agreement to reduce their wages. They will continue to be paid for social security and then we We will sit down to negotiate again since they end the contract at the end of the year. “



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