Guiyang, Gui’an: Bravely Breaking into the Big Data Blue Ocean to Promote High-Quality Development_Expo_Digital_Enterprise

Original title: Guiyang, Gui’an: Bravely Breaking into the Blue Ocean of Big Data to Promote High-Quality Development

On May 26, the 2022 China International Big Data Industry Expo was held online in Guiyang, and the world’s attention once again focused on “China’s Digital Valley” and “Shuang Shuang Guiyang”.

Industry elites “discussing swords in the cloud”; a collision of ideas in theme forums; a heavy release of leading results… The 2022 Digital Expo will bring you a unique “scientific and technological feast”.

Guiyang Gui’an cadres and masses listened to the live broadcast of the conference and learned about the conference information through various channels. Everyone said that the rapid development of the digital economy in Guiyang, Gui’an has brought “intelligent” changes to production and life, and made them truly feel the convenience brought by big data. In the future, they will go all out to seize new opportunities in the implementation of the digital economy strategy , unswervingly promote the “digital living market” and boost the high-quality development of Guiyang Gui’an.

Gather high-quality resources through the platform of the Digital Expo

Since its establishment in 2015, the Data Expo has gradually developed into an international event full of opportunities for cooperation, leading the development of the industry, and a world-class platform for discussing development plans and sharing the latest achievements. resource.

“In 2017, the team became associated with Guizhou at the Digital Expo and went thousands of miles to Gui’an, Guiyang for development. In the past five years, we have deeply felt the extraordinary charm of the Digital Expo platform. The latest achievements of the company’s development have been unveiled and released on the platform many times. Huayun Chuanggu The brand awareness has increased rapidly, and at the same time, more business opportunities and benefits have been harvested.” said Bao Yiping, founder and chairman of Huayun Chuanggu.

Bao Yiping introduced that a trusted data exchange platform with completely independent intellectual property rights jointly developed by the company and the State Key Laboratory of Public Big Data jointly built by the company and the provincial department of Guizhou University was released at this data expo. The platform can realize data security and real-time availability. Trust delivery greatly enhances the willingness of cross-department, cross-level and cross-regional data sharing, and facilitates the establishment of a data flow trust system between the government and enterprises.

As one of the main battlefields for the development of big data in the province, Guiyang High-tech Zone has attracted the attention of the world’s leading high-tech enterprises. In 2021, Guiyang High-tech Zone will use the platform of the Data Expo to actively distribute investment brochures and business cards to enterprises, and promote the investment environment of the high-tech zone. More than 100 enterprises will be invited to the high-tech zone for inspection and exchanges, and signed contracts with Yongding Technology, Kylin Software, and Yihua. Big data projects such as records.

“In the next step, we will continue to focus on the ‘two main and one special’ and software and information technology service industries, pay close attention to artificial intelligence, 5G mobile communications, Internet of Things, blockchain and other industries to attract investment, and vigorously introduce and cultivate core competitiveness. Leading enterprise.” said Deng Liqing, director of the Investment Promotion Bureau (Bureau of Commerce) of Guiyang High-tech Zone.

Big data security has always been an important theme at all previous digital expos. Liu Wei, general manager of Guizhou Shuanhui Big Data Industry Development Co., Ltd., said that the company, as the construction and operation unit of the national big data security shooting range, will base itself on its positioning, conscientiously implement the spirit of the Xinhua No. 2 document, and accelerate the promotion of the national big data security shooting range. In the construction, we will take the lead in improving the security protection capability of key information infrastructure, the protection capability of key data resources, the capability of data security early warning and traceability, and the cultivation of big data security talents, and establish a systematic big data security defense system in depth. At the same time, guided by practical applications and problems, it provides security support for the innovation of digital governance by government functional departments, promotes the integration, sharing and opening of public data, and participates in the joint construction of a community of shared future in cyberspace.

Take advantage of big data to explore the road of development

At previous digital expos, everyone has focused on the deep integration of big data and the real economy, and constantly explored ways to enhance industrial competitiveness in the era of digital economy.

“We have witnessed the development of big data in Guizhou and the changes it has brought in the past few years from the first Data Expo to now.” Li Runyang, deputy general manager of Guizhou Botian Zhongxuan Travel Service (Group) Co., Ltd., watched the current session. After the opening ceremony of the Expo, he sighed that the high-quality development of big data and digital economy cannot be ignored. Through the Expo, a new breakthrough has been made in the development of enterprises.

“We will seize the opportunity of digital economic development in Guiyang, Gui’an, use big data to empower the transformation, upgrading and development of the traditional taxi industry, and vigorously promote the construction of a big data platform for the integrated project of taxi patrol and network. Through this project, the management of the traditional taxi industry will be improved. The operation is more digital, intelligent and standardized, which will further improve the efficiency of the driver’s passenger-carrying operation, and make the passenger travel experience better and safer. .

“Through the Data Expo, we have more confidence in promoting the development of the big data industry.” Chen Zhongyu, deputy director of the Industrial Development Bureau of Guiyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, said that next, according to the municipal party committee’s work idea of ​​”four main and four cities”, the “Strong provincial capital” is the main starting point, with the digital economy as the path and the project as the starting point, to promote the integration and development of big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain advantageous enterprises and traditional industries, so as to build a digital economy integration innovation demonstration park and domestic database. Focus on the pilot application of the bank’s core transaction system and the digital twin transportation system project scenario application to promote digital governance projects, and promote the implementation of projects, enterprise development, and the integration of big data and the real economy to achieve new results, and promote the economic development of the region, especially the development of big data. To a new level, to ensure the full completion of the annual goals.

“Since the establishment of the company, with the help of the development of big data in Guiyang and Gui’an, it has made every effort to build a comprehensive service platform for the communication product sales industry, open up the entire chain of the communication industry with digital methods, and improve the internal efficiency of the industrial chain and external service capabilities.” Guizhou Feilida Technology Ma Yan, deputy general manager of the company, said that the company will continue to make efforts in building and upgrading a comprehensive service platform to provide technology research and development and services based on the Internet and big data for small and medium-sized mobile phone retailers, suppliers, and end consumers. Relying on technological innovation to continuously promote the development of traditional industries.

Sharing data resources to build a service-oriented government

In Guiyang, Guiyang, thanks to the widespread use of digital technology in government management services, more data and less errands for the common people, people’s sense of gain and happiness have been continuously improved.

“The hidden dangers of firefighting and elevators can be warned in advance; high-altitude parabolic objects can accurately retrospect the process of events; people and vehicles can enter and leave in real-time to take pictures… In recent years, various big data resources have been continuously gathered in Guiyang, Guiyang, making the field of social governance “smart” ‘Reliable.” Zhang Qianbin, deputy director of Nanming District Social Governance Comprehensive Service Center, said that social governance used to be inefficient and difficult to rely on manpower alone. Now, through the empowerment of big data, many governance matters have been tracked from post-event to pre-warning and manual inspections. From intelligent monitoring, multi-point command to unified dispatch, and incident handling process from opaque to traceable, big data has become a powerful tool to promote the modernization of social governance systems and governance capabilities.

Zhang Qianbin said that Nanming District will rely on the development achievements of big data enterprises in its jurisdiction, continue to promote the interaction and integration of scientific and technological achievements and related links and fields of social governance, coordinate the construction of system platforms and application terminals, make good use of smart platforms, optimize smart governance, and improve grassroots governance. The level of digitalization and intelligence makes services more efficient and convenient, and the masses are more comfortable and satisfied.

Zeng Mei, deputy director of the Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau of Guiyang High-tech Zone, said that at present, the province is deeply studying and implementing the No. 2 document issued by the new government, accelerating the creation of a “one network” for government services, breaking through data barriers between departments, and realizing a wider range of government services. One-stop service”. As one of the main battlefields of the city’s “digital living city”, Guiyang High-tech Zone is making every effort to seize the opportunities of the digital economy era, relying on the Guizhou Provincial Government Service Network to build a high-tech zone Tao government affairs portal, continue to promote data sharing and integration, and realize government services. 100% available online.

“In the next step, we will further explore the working mode of government service data sharing and integration, optimize the formulation of government big data standards and operating procedures, break down technical barriers to data sharing, fully develop, apply, and mine government big data, and make every effort to promote intelligent government governance. The level continues to improve and promote the high-quality development of the regional economy.” Zeng Mei said.

“Watching the opening ceremony of the Digital Expo, I have a deeper understanding of the construction of digital government under the new situation.” Fu Song, deputy director of the government service center of Guiyang Comprehensive Bonded Zone, said that next, high-quality development will be the guide, and the focus will be on high-quality development. Focusing on creating a new highland for an open economy in the inland, use big data to further improve the level of government service capabilities, accelerate the sharing of government affairs data, and promote the implementation of “policies seeking enterprises and enterprises seeking policies” through the establishment and improvement of “enterprise portraits” and “digital business cards” We will further improve the convenience of handling affairs for the masses of enterprises, improve the transparency and predictability of policies, and effectively enhance the sense of gain, happiness and security of enterprises, and strive to improve the government service brand of “service for nobles and comprehensive management”. (Reporter Li Chunming, Liang Jing, Yiying, Yang Lei, Ran Ting, Lin Gu Linhan)Return to Sohu, see more


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