Gustavo Petro regretted that the owners of Chocorramo did not vote for him

A few days before the final election day that will take place on June 19, the candidates for the highest office in the country finalize details to convince Colombians to vote for them at the polls and thus keep the position that succeeds Iván Duque in the House of Nariño.

In the midst of this contest, the candidate Gustavo Petro has offered several interviews to different media outlets explaining his government proposals. In one of the talks he had with Tropicana, the leader of the Historical Pact had a moment of relaxation and he talked about other topics in which he even took the opportunity to joke.

In one of the questions from the station’s announcers, Petro answered about what are his favorite sweets and answered with a surprise that the journalists did not expect.

“My weakness is herpos, there in Vélez, Santander they gave me a sandwich and arequipe in a corn dough. and the chocorramobut I bet the owners of Chocorramo don’t vote for me,” he said.

The applicant regretted not having the support of the directors of Ramo, a company that produces the famous and beloved Chocorramoamong other traditional products of all the taste of Colombians.

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A particular detail of this last stretch of the presidential race is that both candidates, Gustavo Petro y Rodolfo Hernandez, they have received attacks from various political sectors. The last taunt was received by Petro by Íngrid Betancourtwho assured that members of the candidate’s campaign they would be offering money to congressmen to support the Historical Pact on election day.

“In the Congress of the Republic, some Petrista congressmen have approached legislators from other parties to offer them between 200 and 500 million to put at the service of the campaign of Gustavo Petro their machinery or their political organizations,” the former candidate told Semana Magazine.

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