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Just two months after the elections in the United States take place, the presidential campaign is increasingly agitated and Donald Trump, this Thursday, decided put Colombia fully on his way to convince voters, especially Latinos, to elect him again.

Although the current president of the United States had repeatedly mentioned Venezuela and Cuba as part of his campaign strategy, this is the first time he has attacked his opponent Joe Biden using our country.

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On this occasion, while two campaign events were taking place in Florida, a state that could be final for his re-election and where he hopes the Colombian community will support him, Trump lashed out at Gustavo Petro.

The president assured that Biden has the support of the leader of Colombia Humana. “The previous administration surrendered to the Colombian narco-terrorists. Is there anyone from Colombia here? You know what happens there, right? Biden has even received the support of the socialist Gustavo Petro,” he said.

He also mentioned that Petro’s supposed support “was not a good endorsement at all” and referred to the fact that the senator was part of the M-19. “It is not a good endorsement and he knows it. But under my administration we launched a historic naval effort that has seized tons and tons of drugs,” Trump said.

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Given those words, Gustavo Petro spoke on his Twitter account. “I propose to tell @realDonaldTrump that his allies in Colombia are the ones who have been empowered thanks to drug money and that they have produced a genocide in our country.”

Hours before, he also made a publication addressed to the US president. He assured that “Trump has just accepted the advice of Colombian politicians closely linked to drug trafficking and genocide in Colombia.”

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The senator’s son, Nicolás Petro Burgos, also referred to the issue on his social networks. In his Twitter profile he published that “It seems that @realDonaldTrump does not know that his political allies in Colombia win elections by buying votes with money from drug trafficking, in addition, they have brothers and relatives convicted of drug trafficking, incoherence.

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In his speeches, Trump also criticized the fact that Biden, at the time, supported the peace process with the former FARC guerrilla. In this regard, he said that “that administration also negotiated the terrible Obama-Biden-Santos agreement that surrendered to the drug traffickers and allowed illicit drugs to skyrocket.”

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