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It was 2001 when Panamericana Televisión premiered the series “”, Which over the weeks became a phenomenon that is remembered to this day. A primetime leader, averaging 40 rating points on multiple occasions, the series stayed on the air for almost three years, with four seasons of more than 650 episodes.

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As the reign of “”Had been going on for quite some time, after two years a competition emerged that gathered his experience, with some interesting changes. The series was titled “Speak neighborhood”, Which Frequency Latina produced with the help of several of the actors from the original series.

Although it seemed that this new production would be a success, for all that went into hiring its cast and building recording studios, the directors of the their finger was lowered shortly after its premiere.

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César Ritter was one of the actors who was in the new project of Frequency Latina. (Photo: Capture of Panamericana TV)

In this way, the program went unnoticed by several, who do not remember well what it was about. And it is that for many, the similarity in the plot between both productions made them reject the new proposal.

The role of Minnie Mazza, an Italian actress, was played by Mónica Torres.  (Photo: Latin Frequency)
The role of Minnie Mazza, an Italian actress, was played by Mónica Torres. (Photo: Latin Frequency)


Among some of the things that the audience didn’t like is the fact that the The names of the new characters, played by the actors who quit Channel 5, had been slightly changed, but had the same essence as the original sitcom, as explained by the YouTube video channel that he shared .

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For example, in “Thousand offices”, César Ritter played Lalo, but when the actor started working on “Habla barrio” his name was Lolo. Likewise, Memo, the role played by Michael Finsett on Panamericana Televisión, was called Beto on the other channel, which for the public was the same character, but this time without glasses.

Even Magdyel Ugaz, who played Sarita in Latin Frequency, coincidentally was also in love with Beto, as happened in the Efraín Aguilar soap opera. Not only that, since she was also the niece of Pepe Peña (Lucho Cáceres), both had the same relationship in the first production. The same happened with the characters played by Sandra Arana and Vanessa Jeri.

The other actors who were in the first seasons of “Thousand offices” and who resigned in full swing to later integrate “Habla Barrio” were: Cristhian Torsen as Peter Pan, Mónica Torres as Minnie Mazza, Sergio Galliani, Mabel Duclós, Bettina Onetto, among others.

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The actors who were part of the cast of
The actors who were part of the cast of “Habla barrio” after giving up “Thousand jobs.” (Photo: Latin Frequency)


“Habla barrio” was about a television station that moves to a residential area. It starred “1,000 Trades” exactors such as César Ritter and Magdyel Ugaz.

Some people who followed the series indicated in forums that they did not imagine that it would be canceled, because one Friday they had already announced the episode that was going to be broadcast the following Monday, but this was never seen.

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According to them, in the previews, Sarita (Magdiel Ugaz) was seen with a makeover, which everyone made fun of when she went to a party, so she decides to return to her land; while Minnie Mazza (Mónica Torres) was in trouble.

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Although on the internet, specifically YouTube, one can find videos of all kinds, including old series; Regarding “Habla barrio”, the complete chapters of it disappeared. After doing a scan, only a fragment of little more than three minutes could be found.

Although it is not an extract from an episode, it gives us roughly some parts of a couple of chapters, which we share below:



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