Hague municipal official fired for possible million-dollar fraud NOW

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The municipality of The Hague recently fired a municipal official for possibly committing millions of fraud. This is evident on Tuesday from a letter from Mayor Jan van Zanen (pdf) to the city council.

It is the first time that the municipality has publicly reported the possible fraud involving millions, but the letter states that the council had known about this since at least March.

In a confidential letter, the city council was informed on March 3 that the employee has been fired and that measures have been taken since then to prevent something similar from happening again.

It is unclear exactly what the official did. The official was dismissed and the municipality filed a report with the National Criminal Investigation Service. An amount of more than 2 million euros has been seized.

The State Investigation Service is still investigating, but a judge has in principle approved the official’s dismissal. The study is expected to continue until the fall of 2020.

Investigation against ex-councilors for corruption

Richard de Mos, chairman of the local party Hart voor Den Haag / Groep de Mos, said in a press release that he had requested an emergency debate to get more clarity about the incident.

Since October 2019, ex-alderman De Mos himself has also been the subject of an investigation into corruption, together with his party member Rachid Guernaoui. The Public Prosecution Service suspects the two of arranging permits against payment. They would also have helped a party member of the local party Groep de Mos with the sale of a municipal property.

Last month it was announced that Groep de Mos may be linked to ballot box fraud in the 2018 municipal elections. The party is said to have bought votes from voters with a migration background.



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