Hailed by leaders around the world, Biden vows to bring America together

Hailed by leaders around the world, Biden vows to bring America together

United States President-elect Joe Biden has vowed to bring the American people together as many leaders across the world hailed his victory on Sunday, while calling on him to raise the bar after four years of geopolitical upheaval.

“I pledge to be a president who unites and not who divides,” said Joe Biden, 77, in front of a cheering crowd gathered in “drive-in” in his stronghold of Wilmington in Delaware, calling on the Americans to no longer treat their “opponents as enemies”.

After four days of tense suspense, the former vice-president of Barack Obama has crossed the “magic” threshold of 270 voters and puts an end to an unprecedented political sequence which has shaken America and the world.

It is “time to heal the wounds” of the country and to put an end to the “demonizations”, he said, reaching out to the voters of Donald Trump whose “disappointment” he said he understood.

Even though the Republican president did not concede defeat, many international leaders praised Joe Biden, reinforcing the idea that no one – neither in the United States nor elsewhere – was really taking the legal remedies initiated by the government seriously. Trump team.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has had difficult relations with Donald Trump, insisted on the “irreplaceable” transatlantic relationship.

The European Union, battered by the current tenant of the White House, has expressed a wish for a “solid partnership” with the United States. “Covid-19, multilateralism, climate and international trade are challenges to be faced together,” Mr. Michel tweeted.

– “Not the last” –

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who wished Donald Trump a victory for his very favorable policy towards the Jewish state, also congratulated Joe Biden as a “great friend of Israel”, hoping “to further deepen the special alliance” between the two countries.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani called for stronger ties between Kabul and Washington in the fight against terrorism and the peace process, while Donald Trump signed an agreement with the Taliban which ratifies the departure of American troops, deemed by some too fast.

Bête noire of Donald Trump, Iran called on Mr. Biden to seize “an opportunity to (…) return to the path of adhering to international commitments”. Mr. Trump had walked out of the international Iran nuclear deal reached in Vienna in 2015 and imposed economic sanctions against Iran.

Right now, Joe Biden’s main challenge is the coronavirus pandemic which has caused 237,000 deaths in the United States. Its first announcement concerned the setting up on Monday of a crisis unit on Covid-19.

Her running mate Kamala Harris will make history by becoming the first woman to become vice-president. All dressed in white, in tribute to the suffragists, she said on Saturday that she would not be “the last”.

– “Relieved” –

The announcement of Joe Biden’s consecration sparked scenes of jubilation across the United States.

In Washington, thousands of people have flocked to the White House and Black Lives Matter Plaza, part of the artery leading to the presidential residence, renowned last spring for denouncing police violence against African-Americans.

“Relieved. Very relieved,” said Alex Norton, a young woman 31, her infant in her arms. “We finally know that we are not going to have Donald Trump four years older!”

In New York, the hometown of the Republican president, a concert of horns greeted the announcement of his defeat. “I’m thrilled,” exclaimed JD Beebe, 35.

– Late consecration –

Barack Obama, 44th American president, on Saturday greeted the “historic” victory of his “friend”.

The date of the transfer of power is written into the Constitution: January 20. By then, states will certify their results, and the 538 voters will meet in December to formally appoint the president.

For Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., the supreme consecration will come late, at the end of a rich life in politics marked by tragedies.

After failing in 1988 and 2008, then hesitating in 2016, the one who started his national political career in the Senate almost half a century ago – and knows how Washington works like the back of his hand – was content of limited appearances, making America a promise of calm.

In a striking contrast to the energy deployed on the campaign platforms by Donald Trump, the one the president has given the mocking nickname of “Sleeping Joe” has sometimes given the image of a frail, fragile man. His speeches, like Saturday night, rarely last more than 20 minutes.

In an America deeply divided, and faced with a Senate that could remain in Republicans’ hands, he will have to find the right tone.

In total, despite the pandemic, turnout has reached an all-time high in the modern era: around 66% of voters voted, according to the US Elections Project. Joe Biden obtained more than 74.5 million votes, against 70 million for Donald Trump.

– Trump isolated –

Donald Trump, who was at his golf club not far from Washington when the results were announced, accused Joe Biden of “rushing to present himself falsely” as the winner.

Nothing obliges the Republican president to do so formally, but admitting defeat is a tradition in Washington.

Mr. Trump adopted a very belligerent posture on Tuesday evening, promising real judicial guerrilla warfare. The tempestuous 74-year-old president, who entered politics with a bang by winning the presidential election in 2016 to everyone’s amazement, failed to be re-elected, unlike his three predecessors Barack Obama, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

If the democratic wave announced by some did not take place, and if it showed that it had a very strong voter base, its pandemic management, which it constantly downplayed, garnered strong criticism, even in his own camp.

Very bitter, he has not ceased in recent days to cry fraud, without providing the slightest concrete element. But he appears isolated within his own party in his crusade against a “theft” of the ballot of which he would have been the victim.

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