Hairdressers ask VAT scissors to stop closures: 94 in Asturias in one year

The protest in Avilés. | J. Rus

The hairdressing and aesthetics sector sharpened the scissors yesterday and took to the streets in Asturias –and also in the rest of the country– to demand a VAT reduction from the current 21% to 10% where it was a few years ago to avoid further closures. Only during the past year 83 of these establishments closed in the region and 147 workers in this sector went out of work, according to the data it manages Jorge Rodriguez Laviana, vice president of the Association of Personal Image of the Principality (AIMPPA). “Our business is fatal, although we are an essential sector. The measures against the coronavirus have slowed down the celebration of events, people do not go out and it shows “said Rodríguez Laviana.

Concentration of hairdressers in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Gijón. Angel Gonzalez

Hundreds of professionals demonstrated yesterday in the squares of the city councils of Oviedo, Gijón, Avilés, Langreo, Mieres, Llanes, Corvera and Luarca to demand a VAT snip to help them raise their heads. Yoyi Perez, founder of the Plataforma de Peluqueros Unidos de España, was in charge of reading a manifesto summarizing the situation in Plaza de España in Avilés. “We are here to fight for what belongs to us and to tell the politicians who represent us that while they play to vote for or against party interests regardless of the content of what they are voting for, our sector is dying, it loses every day hundreds of jobs and the illusion and effort kill hundreds of entrepreneurs who have to lower the blind on their businesses, ”Yoyi Pérez lamented.

Another hundred professionals from the sector demonstrated in front of the Gijón City Hall, a delegation dressed mostly in black and with posters highlighting their main request for the protest: lower VAT to 10% so that many businesses do not close.


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