Haitian-Chilean gave weapons to kill the president of Haiti

Jaar, 49, arrested since Wednesday in Miami, will have a detention hearing next Wednesday, January 26, and another in which the charges will be formally read to him on February 3.

The Haitian-Chilean, who appeared Thursday at a first court hearing before Judge Lauren Fleischer Louis, invoked the right to remain silent, according to court documents.

However, according to the indictment, released this Friday, Jaar confessed to the US authorities that he participated in the assassination in a “voluntary statement” on December 9.

“Jaar admitted that he provided firearms and ammunition to Colombians to support the assassination operation,” the document details. “He admitted to having tried to help co-conspirator number 1 and the Colombians, directing to hide them in the embassy of another country in Haiti ”, he adds.

According to the indictment, Jaar confirmed that the operation changed from one of arrest to one of murder after the initial plan to ‘capture’ the president at the airport and fly him away fell through.

The Haitian-Chilean faces charges of “conspiring to commit murder or kidnapping outside of U.S and to provide material support resulting in death“.

He is the second person to face an indictment in the United States for the assassination of Haiti after what former Colombian soldier Mario Antonio Palacios was charged with that crime on January 4 in a Miami court.

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Jaar was arrested in the Dominican Republic and agreed to travel to the United States, detailed the Prosecutor’s Office. If found guilty, He faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. just like palaces.

After the murder, Jaar allegedly communicated with another accomplice (referred to in the complaint as Conspirator #1) and other to help while hiding from the Haitian authorities.

According to the US Attorney’s Office, the defendant and others, including a group of approximately 20 Colombian citizens and several Haitian-Americans, participated in a plot to kidnap or kill the Haitian president.

underline that Jaar was present when Conspirator No. 1 obtained the signature of a former Haitian judge on a written request for assistance in furthering the arrest and imprisonment of President Moise.

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