Hajj: 43,425 pilgrims treated; Five open heart surgeries were performed between May 31 and July 3

Makkah | Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health treated 43,425 pilgrims ahead of this year’s Hajj season, the Saudi News Agency reported. From May 31 to July 3, five open heart surgeries, 66 cardiac catheterizations, 182 dialysis, two endoscopic and 95 surgeries were performed. A pilgrim on Hajj gave birth to a baby.

Four cases of stroke were identified through the use of the Health Ministry’s virtual hospital and more than 740 pilgrims consulted health workers through the Sehati Health app. Both Harams and Mina-Arafah have 23 hospitals and 147 clinics with a combined capacity of 4,654 beds, including 1,080 ICU beds. 230 beds have been reserved for the pilgrims who are suffering from fatigue as this year is the hottest. 25,000 health workers are involved in this year’s Hajj service.

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