Hard to have cement

%], it’s really exceptional “,” text “:” To be rationed [de 50%], this is really exceptional “}}”>To be rationed [de 50 %], it’s really exceptional, indicates a concrete producer with several factories in Quebec. He wished to preserve his anonymity for fear of reprisals from the cement manufacturers.

He notes that, despite its high price, wood, we are still able to have it, more than concrete, we don’t have any. Construction of new homes, condos, offices and government establishments, public transit projects, road or waterworks works, sidewalk repairs, installation of in-ground swimming pools, concrete is essential.

We are at the beginning and I do not see how we will regain the upper hand before next year.

A quote from:A concrete producer

Meanwhile, his regular customers can no longer build, their deadlines explode and penalties sometimes hang from their noses.

This same producer points out that% of cement produced in Quebec would be exported “,” text “:” 40% of cement produced in Quebec would be exported “}}”>40% of the cement produced in Quebec would be exported. I’m sure they increased them [les exportations] in the USA, a much more profitable market than here.

Not very talkative cement workers

The Journal of Montreal reported Wednesday that one of the four cement manufacturers in the province, Ciment Quebec, warned its partners that orders could be postponed due to lack of availability.

Only McInnis Cement Factory acknowledged receipt of our request to better understand the phenomenon, but referred us to the Canadian Cement Association, which never responded to our call.

The Association Concrete Quebec, for its part, also refused to give us more information, limiting itself to the fact that its industry is not immune to the impacts of the pandemic and the disruptions it has caused.

Some people interviewed for this report indicated that the lockout at the Ash Grove plant in Joliette since May 22 could partly explain the situation, which is in addition to the fact that the company would normally shut down two of its four ovens this month. We could not find out why: radio silence on the part of the company’s parent company, CRH Canada.

Lafarge Canada has also been stingy with answers.

By creating this rarity, they spread the book over time and the prices will increase., believes the concrete producer cited above. Until now, the cost of concrete has resisted soaring prices for building materials.

Prices set to increase

Quebec’s largest concrete supplier, Béton provincial, for its part, claims to be able to keep up the pace thanks to the diversification of its sources of supply in Quebec and abroad.

We have agreements and a capacity greater than last year, says Vice-President Jean-François Dufour.

Because business is going well, Mr. Dufour is the only person to have agreed to openly testify about the state of his activities. The other producers, like the building contractors, feared to offend the cement manufacturers or their suppliers, on whom they depend more than ever.

A contractor who carries out school construction projects, for example, says that he has experienced delivery cancellations with less than four days notice. He then had to pay up to $ 220 per cubic meter of concrete, $ 60 more than usual, from a smaller supplier. It will cause us problems, he argues.

It’s made impossible to reserve concrete two days in advance, illustrates another entrepreneur. You have to plan concrete orders without even knowing if you will be ready to use it on the requested date.

The concrete issue quickly escalates. Hoping for a lasting solution soon …

A quote from:An entrepreneur

For now, the shortage seems to have more consequences on small sites where builders source their supplies from smaller concrete suppliers.

The City of Montreal affirms on this subject that it is more difficult for contractors to source for projects that require small amounts of concrete, such as replacing a lead service entrance, since suppliers favor larger projects. No postponement of work would be planned for the moment.

According to our information, major projects such as those of the Metropolitan Express Network and the Romaine of Hydro-Québec would also succeed in obtaining the expected deliveries.

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