“Hasta la vista Instagram”: why Marion Cotillard is VERY upset against the social network? (Photo)

Two weeks ago, Marion Cotillard celebrated her 45th birthday. On his social networks, his fans sent him their wishes en masse. To thank them, she shared an archive photo of her face and the start of her bare torso, at around 6 years old.

“We are living in a wonderful time”

Unfortunately, this November 18, the one who shares the life of Guillaume Canet found that his publication had been deleted by Instagram. By sharing the message received by the social network, Marion Cotillard writes: “15 days after posting a picture of me as a child to thank people for wishing me my birthday … this has happened …. We are living in a great time
Goodbye Instagram. “

“Here I am revolted”

Among the comments, opinions are divided. “Hallucinating! In the meantime, I receive invitations from profiles in which we see naked women …”, said one of his fans. “Here I am revolted. With all my heart with you Marion!”, also writes Guillaume. Some therefore support the star, but many have a less clear-cut opinion.

“It doesn’t seem so bad to me”

“That there is ONE failure for an algorithm to protect children, it doesn’t seem so bad to me. It can happen. I’m not saying Instagram is perfect, far from me that idea. But in this specific case. , exceptionally, I don’t see the point of taking this for an unacceptable blunder “, writes Lélie. Many share this thought, like Mary: “I understand you but at least we can’t blame them for protecting children who might be victims of fraudulent postings …” And Lola adds: “Even though there is nothing ‘serious’ about this photo, I find it reassuring that Instagram has a policy to prevent child nudity!”

The actress did not say if this message meant she was leaving the social network permanently or if she was just taking a break.

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