Have a Principal’s Father, Stephanie Poetri Trying Not to Disappoint Parents

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Singer Stephanie Poetri did not want to make his father disappointed and looked down upon by others while attending school where his father worked.

Stephanie who took the time gap year This admitted that his school days were full of studying and participating in various extracurriculars.

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“I think a lot. Because first, my father was a teacher, then he became the principal of the school,” said Stephanie quoted from the vlog of Gita Wirjawan, Monday (9/21/2020).

“I never wanted him to have a bad image, so I always made sure I was a good kid and I showed him a good parent,” he explained.

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According to him it is important. If they are not good at school, other parents will certainly question their father’s abilities.

“Because if someone sees the principal is a bad parent, then they (other parents) will not believe it at all,” said Stephanie.

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Stephanie admitted that at school she participated in various types of sports activities such as badminton to volleyball in addition to full study.

Even in his final year of high school, he skipped lunch to be able to study.


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