Hawaii : Backdoor is open for business !

In a few months, at the end of February, we will reach saturation. So you might as well take advantage of the first swells.

Car Backdoor and Hawaii, it’s a bit like Nazareth at the same time, Teahupo’o in August, the Country in October or again Australia at the beginning of the year. We are excited by the start of the season, by the first sessions, then, by dint of seeing 10 a week on the web, we reach saturation. It’s a bit like the seasonal worker who begins his season. It is fully open for opening, and ends up burning when closing.

Backdoor is no exception. Quite the contrary. The North Shore is even certainly the place on this planet that concentrates the most photographers and videographers when the good season comes. So much to say, edicts we see coming out. Sometimes very good, sometimes mediocre, we always try to sort it out for you in order to offer you the best here.

And that’s good. After several months of hibernation, the North Shore is gradually waking up. If the summer begins to pass, the winter, him, slowly begins to point the tip of his nose. The big swells with. The proof with this day of last Saturday which offered the first real session of the season on the side of Pipe and Backdoor. Many more are expected to follow. But before you get bored, you have to take advantage of it!

With by order of appearance: Jamie O’brien, Wyatt Machle, Diego Santos, Adriano de Souza, Nathan Florence, Jack Freestone, Kaikea Elias, Eli Olson, Zek Lau, Josh Sumait, Jeff Hubbad and Brandon Rosa.


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