Hawaii Five-0: Is the next farewell already imminent?

Everything a bit more violent in the tenth season: After perhaps the best episode in the entire series it continues rapidly. Now Adam had to test the limits of legality when he had to free his beloved Tamiko from the clutches of the yakuza. He even left the team without further ado to act as a lone fighter. Hawaii Five-0 gives viewers goose bumps in the current season.

“Hawaii Five-0” – Gewaltsame Episode

So told Adam actor Ian Anthony Dale in advance opposite TVLine.com:

“Adam becomes a one-man army and rises ‘Nothing stops me’ tripto get Tamiko back. But I don’t think he ever intended it to get this dark and funky to the point of no going back. He really has to extreme measures take action to ensure his and most of all Tamiko’s safety. “

Watch out, follow it Spoiler for the tenth episode of the tenth season of “Hawaii Five-0”!

Without revealing everything: Adam manages to free Tamiko, but leaves one behind bloody battlefieldthat threatens to catch up with him. Because his watch was found at one of the crime scenes. Colleague Steve personally orders Adam back to headquarters so that he can explain himself. Will Adam fly out of the Five-0 now?

It is not yet known when the German fans will be able to “enjoy” the new episodes. Probably the tenth season starts in this country in early 2020. Season nine began February 12, 2019.

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