“He could have handed over my son”: Lisandra Silva recounted distressing robbery suffered at home | TV and Show

A tough situation lived the model Lisandra Silva and the dancer Raúl Peralta, who suffered a robbery in his apartment, in which he would have been involved a person who cared for your child. In her account, the Cuban indicated that the event could have affected Noah.

Through her Instagram stories, Lisandra indicated that she and her partner filed a complaint with the Investigative Police.

According to the former candidate for Queen of Viña del Mar, the person has not yet been detained by the authorities.

“She sneakily took all of our valuables while someone else at home hid. He left the house with a backpack and handed it to someone else outside the building. He went down twice leaving my baby alone ”, Indian.

“We are taking all measures with the PDI obviously. (…) I can’t stop thinking that he could have handed my son over to anyone saying he thought it was our order or have let anyone into the house. We are very vulnerable in this world, the important thing is that we are well, the material comes and goes ”, he added.

Finally, the model invited her followers to take greater safeguards when choosing people to take care of the children, even more so taking into account the current context of the pandemic.

“Invest in your safety and double check the people who will be in charge of your children AND your home. All the people involved in my case are on the loose. The nanny who delivered our things had photos of our drawers, and our valuables on her phone and she had sent them to her husband ”, Held.

It should be noted that little Noah was born on May 28, being the first child of the artist couple.

At that time, the Cuban woman documented her entire pregnancy process through her Instagram account, in which she has almost two million followers.


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